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Volume 83 No. 4 Fall 2015 Table of Contents

From the editor’s desk: Who’s out there?
Lesley C. Ewing, Ph.D., editor

Coastal restoration in Louisiana: An update
Syed M. Khalil and Richard C. Raynie

Advanced prediction of the intra-Americas Sargassum season through analysis of the Sargassum loop system using remote sensing technology Jeff Frazier, Dr. Tom Linton and Robert Webster

The effects of a red tide, Karenia brevis episode, on the benthic macroinvertebrate communities of South Padre Island, Texas Liana Lerma and David W. Hicks



Composition and distribution of marine debris along three jetties in Corpus Christi, Texas
Jennifer Lawrence and Kim Withers

Coastal vulnerability of a populated Arctic spit: A case study of Golovin, Alaska, USA
Jacquelyn R. Overbeck, Nicole E.M. Kinsman, and Debasmita Misra

Coastal Forum: Miami Beach at 100: Where would it be without a beach?
Dr. Stephen P. Leatherman


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Journal of the American Shore and Beach Preservation Association

First published in October, 1933, Shore & Beach is the quarterly, peer-reviewed journal of the American Shore and Beach Preservation Association (ASBPA) dedicated to publishing sound, interesting technical information concerning the shores and beaches of the nation and the world.  Its main purpose is to further the goals of ASBPA as affirmed in the mission statement of the organization: 

“The purpose of the Association is to bring together for cooperation and mutual helpfulness the many agencies, interests and individuals concerned with the protection and proper utilization of these lands, and in all legitimate ways to foster that sound, far-sighted and economical development and preservation of the lands which will aid in placing their benefits within the reach of the largest possible number of people in accordance with the ideals of a democratic nation.”

Papers are accessible and comprehensible to everyone with a stake in the coast.  Shore & Beach provides a forum not only for scientists and engineers, but also for elected officials, property owners, residents, and beach-goers; that is, all the natural constituents of ASBPA.

The journal strives to publish high-quality papers that contribute to the knowledge base necessary for sound coastal decision-making and the important contemporary debates concerning shores and beaches everywhere.  Content includes coastal scientific, economic, social, and political findings, coastal observations, and editorials.  The journal recognizes that accurate and relevant information made widely available is the foundation of a democratic nation.