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Tony Pratt, President
Tony Pratt is the Administrator of the Shoreline and Waterway Management Section within the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control. In this capacity Pratt oversees programs related to beach nourishment, beach construction regulation, coastal hazards mitigation, waterway management, and flood mitigation. He is the President of the American Shore and Beach Preservation Association, a national organization dedicated to preserving, protecting and enhancing the beaches, shores and other coastal resources of America. Pratt was a member of the National Research Council Committee on Beach Nourishment and Protection, and the Heinz Center Panel on Risk Vulnerability and the True Costs of Coastal Hazards. He served elected office in Lewes, a coastal town in DE, four years of which were as Deputy Mayor. He currently serves on the Advisory Board to the Department of Homeland Security Coastal Resilience Center of Excellence based at UNC, Chapel Hill.