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ASBPA's 2010 National Coastal Conference: "Celebrating the diversity of the coast"

October 13-15
Charleston Marriott, Charleston, SC

Join us for three days of coastal science, policy, technology and politics in Charleston. A full list of speakers and papers will be available June 21.

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O'Brien Award Winner: Ralph Clark
Coastal Project Award Winner: Orange County Erosion Control Project



Subject areas include:
Shoreline Processes and Coastal Management
• Combining shoreline protection alternatives
• Modeling sediment transport and coastal processes and estuarine flushing
• Integrating beach, bluff, estuarine, and inlet processes into coastal policy
• Management of coastal inlets: Dredging and/or bypassing
• State-of-the-art of coastal structures
• Sand resources for beach nourishment
• Regional sediment management
• Beach nourishment case studies

Living Shoreline Projects along Bays, Estuaries, Marshes and Rivers
• Non-traditional shoreline stabilization techniques on bay and estuarine shorelines
• Examples and lessons learned of living shoreline projects
• Regulatory framework for the construction of living shoreline projects
• Conservation and restoration of salt marshes and aquatic vegetation

Federal, State, and Local Coastal Policy and Legal Issues
• The process of federal funding: Congress, OMB, and U.S. Army Corps
• Economics: Advantages of healthy beaches and coastal ecosystems
• ASBPA mission: Sustaining the federal partnership
• Integration of coastal science and policy for improved management
• Beach access & user groups
• Environmental issues
• Maintaining beach initiatives in a down economy
• Sand resource management, legal rights (sand resources, littoral, direct contact with water, accretion, access), and issues associated with loss of sand resources (e.g. dredging, sand mining, flood control, offshore energy infrastructure.).

Global Coastal Issues
• Impacts of accelerating sea level rise
• Adaptation of coastal ecosystems
• International perspectives on coastal preservation
• Effects of extreme storms on the coast
• Regulatory policy changes to adapt to climate change

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