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The American Shore and Beach Preservation Association was founded in 1926 by individuals who recognized the need for an organized effort to combat erosion, a serious problem in many coastal areas. Experience had shown that long stretches of shore were affected, making protective efforts by individual property owners or small communities futile. The expertise required to design comprehensive programs of protection was largely lacking. In bygone days, the needs of navigation were regarded as paramount and there was no redress available for damages to adjacent shores by navigation works.

The founding members of the Association were active in persuading the Congress to enact legislation authorizing Federal sharing of the cost, first of erosion studies of specific problem areas and, later, of project works. Then, as now, this required data collection, research on coastal processes, and the development and the use of analytical techniques and hydraulic models (and, today, numerical models as well).

In the early years, the primary interest was in combating erosion and restoring eroded beaches. Recently, the work of the Association has been expanded to a broad range of activities and interests related to the overall planning and management of shores and beaches. Recognizing the great diversity of our coasts, the
Association encourages regional workshops, as well as national meetings to benefit those working with our shores and beaches.

Recently, the Association's directors voted to merge with the American Coastal Coalition. Read more about the ASPBA and ACC history.