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Shore & Beach

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(9/22/15) BEACH NEWS: What makes a great beach great?
(9/8/15) BEACH NEWS: Support a coastal voice in Congress
(9/1/15) Congressional Coastal Communities Caucus Membership and Talking Points
(8/25/15) BEACH NEWS: Why science matters
(8/11/15) BEACH NEWS: Disaster preparedness vs. disaster recovery
(7/28/15) BEACH NEWS: Scientific communication is a two-way street
(7/14/15) BEACH NEWS: Seeking the science in living shorelines
(7/2/15) BEACH NEWS: National coastal group: BP settlement must fund Gulf Coast ecosystem restoration
(6/23/15) BEACH NEWS: Preserving the history of your coast – in pictures
(6/10/15) ASBPA announces fall workshop: Dune Management Challenges on Developed Coasts
(6/9/15) BEACH NEWS: Is your community really ready for hurricane season?
(5/21/15) BEACH NEWS: Celebrating America’s beaches: The Best Restored Beaches for 2015
(5/20/15) BEACH NEWS: California and national beach groups respond to Santa Barbara oil spill; urge beach preservation
(5/12/15) BEACH NEWS: Getting the best of both worlds in coastal protection?
(4/28/15) BEACH NEWS: The other challenges from rising seas
(4/15/15) BEACH NEWS: National beach advocacy group names executive director
(4/14/15) BEACH NEWS: A how-to on how to value your community's beaches
(3/25/15) ASBPA Announces 2015 Photo Contest
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The American Shore & Beach Preservation Association recognizes that the shores, beaches and other coastal resources of America provide important quality-of-life assets within the reach of the largest possible number of people in accordance with the ideals of a democratic nation. This Association is dedicated to preserving, protecting and enhancing the beaches, shores and other coastal resources of America.