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(9/23/14) BEACH NEWS: Why coastal retreat is not the only solution
(9/9/14) BEACH NEWS: Communication a crucial part of science
(8/26/14) BEACH NEWS: There are two sides to every island
(8/12/14) BEACH NEWS: A new vision for coastal protection?
(7/22/14) BEACH NEWS: Candidates and the coast: Elections a great time to get their attention
(7/8/14) BEACH NEWS: Sea level rise calls for preparedness, not politics
(6/24/14) BEACH NEWS: Study: Coast vital to America’s economy
(6/10/14) BEACH NEWS: What does WRRDA mean to your community?
(5/27/14) BEACH NEWS: Is your community ready for hurricane season
(5/23/2014) 2014 Photo Contest Information
(5/20/14) BEACH NEWS: Coast, country wins with WRRDA changes
(5/19/14) BEACH NEWS: Celebrate America’s beaches: ASBPA releases its Best Restored Beaches for 2014
(5/13/14) BEACH NEWS: More than just people heading to the beach this season
(4/22/14) BEACH NEWS: Invite your elected officials to the beach
(4/8/14) BEACH NEWS: NOAA: Not just a foul-weather coastal friend
(3/25/14) BEACH NEWS: Learn more about the Corps
(3/11/4) BEACH NEWS: Our coastal alphabet soup
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The American Shore & Beach Preservation Association recognizes that the shores, beaches and other coastal resources of America provide important quality-of-life assets within the reach of the largest possible number of people in accordance with the ideals of a democratic nation. This Association is dedicated to preserving, protecting and enhancing the beaches, shores and other coastal resources of America.